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We have an end-to-end solution for all your electronic document signing needs. eDok Signer enables you to take control of your important documents and gives you all the tools you need to edit, send and sign documents in seconds.

Most importantly, Our solution can be hosted on cloud or on premises


Create Electronic signatures

eDok Signer allows users to create digital signatures they can use to sign documents online. Signer supports three ways to create a digital signature.

Signature Request

Allows user to request other parties to sign a document via email. You can send a request to users who don’t have eDok account and they can sign as guests with no account. You can select specific points on your document you want the other party to sign.

Digital Rubber stamp

Rubber stamp documents online. Allows you to created a digital rubber stamp online from templates. E.g. “Approved” Stamp

Draw Signature

Inbuilt drawing pad where you can draw your own signature on a phone, tablet or computer to match your signature. Once you have drawn your signature it will be saved and no need to re draw again unless you want to update it.

Digital Signature

Embeds a corporate digital signature for document validity

Flexible Authentication

Can use inbuild or any preferred authentication sub as Active Directory


If a request is not signed on time Signer will send automated reminder to your recipients and let work on other important stuff

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