Van Selling Mobile Solution – MobileDAS


MobileDAS is an automated van sales system supporting all aspects of the van sales and delivery process from office-based control functions to field force automation.
Ensures that while sales and distribution agents are on the move, you can track their progress and access up-to-date information about, sales, stock levels, payments and much more.

Consists of 2 Sub-Systems

  1. Administration Sub-System
  2. Mobile Sales Sub-System

The administration system will be used for despatch, customer management, system management and reports
The Mobile Sales sub system will be used by the Salesman/ Drivers in the field.

MobileDAS works in Offline or online mode

MobileDAS is can make you complaint with ZIMRA in the Zimbabwean market. Intergrates to RevMax

Why go mobile with Van Sales?

  • Identify strengths and weaknesses due to the presence of revenue reports, employees’ performance record etc.
  • Improved customer service
  • Improved data accuracy
  • Improved overall employee morale /professionalism and self esteem leading to improved efficiency
  • Giving an overall picture of the company. – Analysing historic data
  • Rich reporting and sales dashboards
  • The availability of customer data and feedback can help the company to align its business processes according to the needs of its customers.
  • Improved quality control and supervision. – GPS Tracking of salesman deliveries
  • Reduce fraudulent activities by the salesman
  • Improve stock visibility and forecast.
  • Real-time management of Inventory.
  • Compact Inventory management.
  • Better productivity from each sales person.
  • Adequate use of latest technology
  • Faster Data Processing
  • Tighter Credit Controls for each customer
  • Accurate collection of data at the end of day
  • Payment history of customers
  • Payment pattern of customers
  • More sales per day increases revenue to the company.
  • Better decision making
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